Welcome to QuotePlan. A simple, intuitive yet sophisticated Quotation platform. An innovative way of doing quotations so you don’t have to gestimate- but estimate accurately and confidently.

Initially, we have targeted this product for process automation companies such as switchgear/control product manufacturers, distributors, electrical contractors, system integrators, control panel manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers and Process companies.

1. Type BOM
2. Get Pricing
3. Compose Multiple Excel Templates
4. Combine Multiple Excel Files
5. Create Final Proposal

• Collect Labor and Item technical and commercial information from multiple sources


End results:

  1. Manual, time consuming
  2. Search for techno commercial data from multiple sources
  3. Prone to errors, compromises accuracy
  4. Just gestimate
  5. Tedious to make and maintain revisions
  6. Not suitable for multiple users
  7. Difficult to manage discount complexities
  8. No security and authentication

World’s first and only cloud SaaS Quotation platform for process automation industry with built in data

1. Choose Items
2. Apply Quotation Recipe
3. Generate Professional Proposal
  • Create secure, customized cloud cluster for your company
  • Choose from over 250k items from 30+ brands
  • Create multi-level BOM with breeze
  • Built in intelligence to compute labor and accessories
  • Create customized formulas
  • Create customized quotation formats
  • Generate professional quotations
  • Accurately and confidently

End results:



  1. Choose from variety of makes and models
  2. Use anywhere, anytime, any no of users
  3. Completely customized quotation recipe
  4. Easy to scale
  5. Extensible to 3rd party s/w


  1. Save thousands of dollars at fraction of cost
  2. Start with as little as $60/user/month
  3. No hardware to buy, no software to install, no hassle to maintain

Ease of Use

  1. Intuitive and user friendly
  2. Simple yet sophisticated
  3. Less learning curve
  4. Start as quickly as within a day

Hang On, Few More Things...

  1. All techno commercial information at your finger tip so no more phone calls, flipping through catalogs, searching for product brochures
  2. Real easy to manage discount complexity. We have mapped every discount code to individual item
  3. Built in BOM revision tracking
  4. Apply new prices to old or repeat projects with Single Click
  5. Easy to assemble multi-level complex BOM
  6. Ready-made support to compute busbar and fabrication
  7. Built in intelligence to minimize errors
  8. Experience a quantum leap improvement over existing quotation process

Business owners, Sr. Management

  1. Improve top line (revenue)
  2. Improve bottom line (margin)
  3. Project-wise P&L
  4. Less learning curve for newcomers
  5. Anytime, anywhere, any number of users
  6. Safe, secure, trusted
  7. Affordable

Sales Team

  1. Simple, intuitive interface
  2. Reach more customers
  3. Close more sales
  4. Concurrent users
  5. Always work with the latest techno commercial data
  6. Repeatable Quotation process


  1. Simple yet sophisticated
  2. Coordinate simultaneously with sales team
  3. Consistency in BOM
  4. Easy to update techno commercial data

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