I am OEM

Your electrical and instrumentation department is swamped with projects. They are tasked with managing project schedule and budget. Every project is unique with its own challenges. We are making your job easy so you can get project cost quickly. We are developing a sophisticated engineering intelligent tool so you can generate Quotations quickly and accurately.

I am a system integrator

You are in a customized business where you need to tailor every project as per customer’s requirement. You select variety of components, manage price complexities, yet deliver projects on-time and within budget. However, most of the system integrators use excel spreadsheet to generate quotations. Some system integrators generate from ERP or accounting systems. None of these methods are optimal. Quotation is one of the most important business processes. Every business starts with quotation. So it is at the heart of every business to provide timely as we as accurate quotations. Generating quotation is also a cumbersome job. Thanks to QuotePlan, now you can generate every Quotation quickly, accurately and repeatedly. Whether it is tracking BOM revisions, or managing complex discount structure or component selection, QuotePlan makes your job easy.

What are you waiting for? Just give us a call and start within 1 day.

“We have evaluated many softwares. RutamSoft has created something which most of the softwares haven’t scratched the surface of. QuotePlan is simple yet sophisticated to address my painpoints. We used to spend lot of time to generate Quotations and keeping track of our project P&L. Now I can trust QuotePlan and IMS to have better control over my business activities.” CEO Paneltech
“First we thought that we don’t need any Quotation software for our business. Once we saw the demo we were convinced that QuotePlan is just what we need. I can perform my day to day activities very easily, efficiently and economically. I am using it for a while, now I can focus on my core activities and close more sales” Managing Partner at Allen Bradly system integrator
“We really like QuotePlan integrated with inventory system. As a business owner I can have more visibility to my project P&L. We are really thankful to you for your quick, immediate & superfast support.” Managing Partner Axiss Systems
“I am not a computer savvy person. Initially I was concerned about this software. However, after using QuotePlan just for few days, I am certain that I can use Quoteplan confidently and I can already see productivity improvement” Purchasing manager of Special Purpose Machines

Even before our launch, we have had overwhelming support from component manufacturer, distributors, integrators, contractors, consultants, system integrators and OEM. We, at RutamSoft, thank you all for your support and countless efforts in defining, shaping the product.

We recognize the importance of strong business relationships and are deeply committed to the success of our customers and partners. This is why we have developed a robust partner ecosystem designed to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company. We have programs available to you that were created to help you succeed in today's market.

I am a distributor

Today’s distributors face tough competition due to rise of internet based warehouses. Managing multiple accounts with complex discount structure and price fluctuations, forecasting sales volume and managing product obsolescence are some of the challenges. You are flooded with quote requests daily from your customers. We can help you connect with your customers so your product information is available to decision makers.

I am switchgear/component manufacturer

Your team is tasked with generating more sales while responding to your customer’s techno-commercial request in a timely manner. We help you put your product information to decision makers to make your job easy. They have all the information they need to choose your product while they are making Quotations.


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