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We all have been using excel in the past partly because we had no other options. As we all know, there are several limitations using excel approach. We have to collect information from multiple sources, type every single item in BOM, sometime gestimate resources required. It is manual, very time consuming, inefficient and subject to error. Thanks to QuotePlan, you can rely on simple, intuitive yet sophisticated way to generate quotations. We have received several testimonials that working with excel is not only tedious but also costs more money, and switching over to QuotePlan improves efficiency and accuracy. We are confident that once you experience the benefit of QuotePlan you will not go back to your old method.
Whether you are a big corporation or a small owner, companies of all sizes generate quotations to win business in customize manufacturing industry. Coming from small business background, we can attest that a small business owner wears multiple hats and can not rely on primitive method to remain competitive. We encouage small-medium businesses to take a test ride of QuotePlan and experience the benefits.
QuotePlan and ERP system co-exist in the company. We are making efforts to integrate seamlessly with your ERP system. We have already built connector for Intuit’s QuickBook software. We can import data stored on your local machines or software. Please call us and learn more about how we can help you.
We are thankful to the manufacturers who have created some basic software. These softwares are focused on promoting owners products only. However as you are aware there are several limitations with these software. QuotePlan is comprehensive and sophisticated software created with entire process automation industry in mind. Once you start using QuotePlan, you will experience that there are certain features which are not available in other softwares.
Every company is unique so we create customize environment for your company based on your need. Please see pricing for more details.
QuotePlan is offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model. It is actually beneficial for business owners because there is no upfront h/w cost, no s/w to download, free updates for the life of the product, no maintenance or backup hassle, and free lifetime support – We are providing this at a very reasonable monthly fee. When you are paying us monthly, we are obliged to provide top notch service and support on a regular basis. We strive to provide maximum value to our customers.
Definitely yes. Please call us and let us help you.
QuotePlan is a cloud based Software As A Service (SaaS), which requires internet connectivity. We harness the power of cloud computing and offer QuotePlan with no upfront hardware cost to users. Also it is easy to upgrade, maintain, and improve software if managed on Cloud. There are so many benefits of going on cloud. We do not have plans to offer desktop version.
Getting started with QuotePlan is very easy. We create customize environment as per your need and help you get up to speed in as little as few hrs. We have created very intuitive user interface to minimize your learning curve. You will also find training videos in the software. We are committed in supporting your transition to QuotePlan faster and easier. Please contact us.
Quoteplan is very flexible platform. We can help you get your data in your customized environment. Please contact us.
If you do remember your username, please follow reset password process on the login screen. You need to enter your username. If you don’t remember either username or password please contact us.
On the login screen, there is a reset password link, please follow the steps.
QuotePlan ensures security. We have created various user Ids and assigned certain authentication levels during account creation. When you see above message, it means you are not authorized to perform certain task. Please contact us if you want authorization for certain tasks.
We have noticed some users using IE ver <10 faced this issue. We encourage users to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
We take security seriously. After all we come from small business background so we do understand your concern. We are using this software in our own business. Your data is hosted on online servers which are managed and maintained by professionals who have technology, domain expertise and professionalism to perform these activities. We create separate customize environment for every individual company so your data is completely isolated from other companies. This ensures data privacy. Only authenticated users can operate within company environment. Also we have implemented same security encryption that financial institutions use for online transaction to protect data transmission between your browser and server.
We make efforts to maintain and manage your data so you can focus on your core competencies. However we have given you ability to download various reports on local machines.
QuotePlan is a cloud based software so internet connection is required. You can use any computer from anywhere and at anytime for QuotePlan. Once you download your report on local computer you can work locally without internet connectivity however your changes will not reflect in the software.
We have designed QuotePlan architecture so that it does not consume lot of bandwidth. We have tested this using 2G speed on mobile and 200 kbps dial up connection. All our customers are using QuotePlan without any change in their existing internet plan.
QuotePlan is much more than Quotation software. QuotePlan can be integrated in the backend with IMS –intuitive and simple inventory and project management interface that is designed by us.
Please see QuotePlan product page for detailed information on how QuotePlan works.

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